The James and Martha Murdock McMillan Family

Life on a 19th Century Farm in Greene County, Ohio

The James and Martha McMillan Family

Back row, left to right: Clayton, Jason Leon, Clara Lucile, Homer, Paul. Front row, left to right: Harlan, Frances (Mrs. Thomas H. Mackenzie), James, Martha, Frederick. This picture was taken in 1908.


On January 15, 1867, her wedding day, Martha E. Murdock McMillan, a farmer’s wife living four miles outside of Cedarville, Ohio, would begin writing in her journal daily about her life, the farm, her family, her community, and her faith. She would maintain that practice until two weeks before her death in August, 1913, resulting in 46 years of journals, comprising over 12,000 pages. The Martha McMillan Journal Collection website shares Martha’s writings and the work of Cedarville University faculty and students in transcribing the journals, responding to their content, and engaging in research about the events of Martha’s life and her world. This website adds perspective to the journals by exploring the extended family of James and Martha McMillan.

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The Family of James and Martha McMillan

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Locust Grove Farm

The McMillan farm on the Columbus Pike, now U.S. Rt. 42 north of Cedarville, Ohio